Videoconferencing - Trafi

Less emission utilizing videoconferencing to Brussels and Rovaniemi - Trafi, WWF's Green Office example 2013


Joonas Laukia, who works with aviation emissions trading at the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, is a seasoned pro at using videoconferencing. The monthly meetings of the EU’s Climate Change Committee’s Emissions Trading group in Brussels do not always require travelling; you can participate in the meetings from a negotiation room via video connection, with your own laptop and coffee cup. To his knowledge, however, videoconferencing is not yet that widely used in international meetings.

The technology has always worked well for Joonas. You can hear the voices of those who are in the meeting in Brussels as well as those who are participating via video connection, and you can also have the floor even though you are not in Brussels. “You shouldn’t be afraid of technology. It’s as challenging as turning on your computer,” he says. The advantage of videoconferencing is that time and money are saved, and of course that it is environmentally friendly. Joonas states that he has only positive things to say about videoconferencing.

Well-functioning videoconferencing connections are necessary for Trafi, because the agency has nine regional offices all over Finland, in addition to its main office in Helsinki. Trafi’s Green Office team also uses videoconferencing in its meetings, because one team member is located in Rovaniemi and one is located in Savonlinna, in addition to the six team members who are in Helsinki.

Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and is responsible for transport system regulatory duties.

• In 2012, employees logged 526 person years.
• Main office in Helsinki is Green Office-certified and the certification will also be extended to the biggest regional offices in Rovaniemi and Lappeenranta.
• 17 negotiation rooms and two auditoriums with fixed videoconferencing facilities.
• In September 2013, videoconferencing was used for 1,100 hours.


- Helena Waltari / Green Office coordinator