Using tap water instead of bottles - Microsoft

Using tap water instead of bottled water - Microsoft, WWF's Green Office example 2013


The Microsoft office in Espoo, Finland was first certified to be a Green Office in 2008. It aligned well with Microsoft’s New World of Work programme. The two have worked together to be a benchmark for employee satisfaction and creativity.

The quality of water in Finland is very good, making it unnecessary to drink still water from bottles. At the Microsoft office in Espoo, water comes from the tap. In addition, soda water dispensers were installed to remove any need for bottled mineral water. In all, the effort has reduced its consumption by an estimated 12,000 water bottles, saving up to 9,000 euros.

Stella Diesen, the Sustainability Lead Microsoft Finland, says: “With Green Office, we take practical and positive measures to promote sustainability. We include the sustainability aspect in all employee wellbeing efforts. This allows people to give each other energy and live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

- Stella Diesen / Sustainability Lead Microsoft Finland