Solar panels on roof - WWF HQ, Switzerland | WWF Green Office Best Practices

Solar panels on roof - WWF HQ, Switzerland

Solar panels on roof for electricity production - WWF International, Switzerland, WWF's Green Office example

WWF International headquarters in Gland, Switzerland is a Green Office

WWF International entered into an agreement in 2013 with a local electricity company (SEIC:  Société Electrique Intercommunale de la Côte SA) to allow SEIC to install photovoltaic solar panels on the flat roof of our main building. SEIC would make the complete investment, own the installation and sell back the electricity produced into the Swiss electrical grid. They would thus benefit from a subsidy, allowing them to receive a higher price than usual for the electricity produced and thus regain their investment costs in about 10 years – compared to the expected life of 25 years for the panels.
110 panels are expected to produce around 30,000 kWh per year, some 12% of WWF International’s yearly consumption. Even though WWF International is not using the solar electricity directly, we are contributing to the greening of Switzerland’s electrical production.
In return for letting SEIC put up the solar panels on our roof, we are receiving 100% green electricity from SEIC (HEP; Hydro-electric Power) for no additional cost, savings us some CHF 5,000 per year for 25 years.
We have a small screen in the reception area which shows us the solar electricity produced every 30 minutes; the whole day, per month and per year.
We are now hoping to install photovoltaic solar panels on our second building, producing around 40,000 kWh per year.
We believe that this is a good example of how WWF can cooperate with businesses and industries and provide a win-win situation for all.

- John Cederroth / Manager, Administration, Green Office coordinator