Rooftop Garden - Nokia headquarters | WWF Green Office Best Practices

Rooftop Garden - Nokia headquarters

Rooftop Garden and urban farming - Nokia Headquarters, WWF's Green Office example 2012

A Highly successful initiative that started through Green Office was the installation of rooftop garden boxes in Nokia headquarters.

During the summer of 2012, twenty boxes were placed on a rooftop terrace, where employees could grow vegetables and flowers. The space ended up being a popular venue for meetings and picnic lunches. Plenty of people wanted to join in the fun, and during the summer of 2013, the garden was expanded to thirty boxes. Several events were organized on the rooftop garden terrace, including workshops on urban gardening and pest control. Nokia’s Green Office coordinator, Riikka Kyro, says: “The rooftop garden has been great for networking and bringing employees closer together.” In addition to wellbeing, the garden inspires employees. A few innovative folks developed a “Tweeting Tomatoes” system, which used solar panels to power sensors which gathered information on the temperature and humidity in the garden boxes, and sent out periodic tweets to inform the gardeners when it was time to water their plants.

With the success of Green Office at Nokia’s head office in Finland, it is now expanding to other offices around the world.


- Riikka Kyrö / Sustainability Manager
Green Office Coordinator