Recycling rate 99% - Veikkaus Oy | WWF Green Office Best Practices

Recycling rate 99% - Veikkaus Oy

Cherish recycling, maximise reusing – Veikkaus Oy, WWF's Green Office case example 2014


Sorting waste is an established part of Veikkaus' activities. All workstations have receptables for energy waste. Bins for confidential and recyclable paper, biowaste and mixed waste are placed in shared facilities. There are also collection points for other types of waste, such as glass, metal, wood and hazardous waste.

Spending a little more time and thought on correct sorting and walking to the bins gives a good chance to strech out a bit during the workday!

Thanks to efficient sorting, the waste reutilisation rate at Veikkaus' head office has remained at a high level for several years. For years Veikkaus' reutilization rate has been up to 99 percent, i.e. just one percent of the waste generated at the head office ended up at the landfill unutilized.

Some ten years ago, there was a dramatic turn towards better recycling, as the staff’s freshly established Ecological Team started to organize, guide, and motivate their coemployees to pay more attention to waste sorting. Once the necessary receptables had been made available, it seemed as if a miracle had occurred in a matter of a couple of years.

Repeating the guidelines provide the basis for successful recycling; good hints, ideas, facts, and achievements are communicated, naturally spiced up with humour. Feedback and thanks are given to employees on a regular basis. One significant motivator is that by reducing mixed waste, we can also save money.

- Eeva Rissanen / CSR Specialist, Veikkaus Oy