Recycling to help community - Tieto Oyj | WWF Green Office Best Practices

Recycling to help community - Tieto Oyj

WEEE  collection and recycling to help community - Tieto Oyj, WWF'S Green Office example 2013


Tieto is the largest Nordic IT services company providing full life-cycle services for both the private and public sector. The company has a global presence through its product development business and delivery centres. Its headquarters in Espoo, Finland has led the way for others to join Green Office.

By day at Tieto, Annikki Hirvonen is a maintenance project manager in Espoo. But that’s not all! Around the office, she is also known for enthusiastically promoting Green Office. “The Green Office project is very important to me. It is inspiring. We do good with Green Office,” she confides.

At Tieto, the Green Office team does things that matter to the community. For example, Annikki read in a magazine about a problem at a local psychiatric hospital. They didn’t have enough clothing. At the Tieto office, they held a clothing collection drive and directly helped to solve the problem.

Other activities have included electronic waste collection, in which used electronics were collected. Usable items were sorted for reuse. Broken items were sorted for responsible recycling. Some offices have the tradition of a monthly e-waste collection. Waste-sorting events have been especially popular.

Annikki sums it up as follows: “These fun events have been valuable for Tieto and our community.”

- Annikki Hirvonen / Green Office Program Manager