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Recycling corner - YTHS

Recycling corner to help recycling - YTHS, WWF's Green Office example 2013

The Finnish student health service (YTHS) in Otaniemi, Espoo started a new environmental program in January 2013 which we are determined to stick with. The main goal was to develop a better work and study environment based on our ecological values. Working with the Green Office programme has already had a positive effect on our everyday work. We have taken into consideration our recycling habits and possibilities, challenged personnel to decrease electricity consumption and encouraged personnel to be creative and ecological in using alternative means of transportation for work trips. The project has also created a new ecological way of thinking among our work community.

Recycling – “Recycling corner”

In September 2013, we decided to start developing environmental cooperation work with our clients, the university students living in the campus area. We had had an idea to start recycling all our old but still usable things we no longer needed among our personnel. We also had had an idea to help students who are starting their studies and their independent life. They are moving away from their childhood homes and often lack some basic supplies in their first apartment. We set up a “recycling corner” in our reception hall with some information about the Green Office work we are doing at our workplace. The main purpose was to make our environmental and ecological work more visible to students and to be part of the ecologically sustainable campus area now and in the future.

These are the small yet effective actions that we have taken, and already we have a feeling that the world has turned into a better place for us and to our students, whose well-being – also from an environmental point of view – is the basic purpose of our services and daily work.

- Sari Krappe / Head of Communicatios, Green Office -coordinator