Green day at Aalto University - Dipoli

Green Office day - WWF's Green Office example 2013, Aalto University

A Green Office –day was organised at Aalto University’s Dipoli Congress Centre in September 2013. The half-day event was open to all Aalto University personnel and students as well as all guests visiting Dipoli.

The purpose of the event was to introduce sustainable development in different forms and demonstrate how sustainability is shown not only at Dipoli but also throughout Aalto University. We also wanted to raise awareness and interest regarding sustainability in general.  Our purpose as a Green Office team was also to provide information about the WWF Green Office program, which Dipoli is a part of.

Exhibitors at the event:
• Aalto Pro Energy efficiency – what does it mean? A quiz and information about energy and sustainability courses.
• Aalto sustainability Campus and Facility services creating a sustainable campus. Introducing also a rental bike programme at Aalto University.
• Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy Working to improve the coziness and eco-friendliness of all the Aalto campuses.
• Dipoli What is the Green Office program? Dipoli is the choice of an eco-friendly conference organiser.
• Lassila&Tikanoja “How to recycle” quiz.
• Sodexo How can we make a difference?
• City Car Club – A car service that is economical, eco-friendly and easy!
• HSL ja Kutsuplus – Wise transportation. 

We also organised a recycling point where people could take different office supplies for free.  The semester had just started, so the recycling point was a success among the students!
In the end the event went very well and we are planning to execute another event with a similar concept.

- Heta Ilenius / Aalto University Dipoli Congress Center