Flexible Distant working - Microsoft

Microsoft: Flexible Distant working - WWF's Green Office example 2014

The Microsoft office in Espoo, Finland was first certified to be a Green Office in 2008. It aligned well with Microsoft’s New World of Work programme. The two have worked together to be a benchmark for employee satisfaction and creativity.

The focus has been on employees and enabling flexibility. Through remote working and diversity of working methods, the Microsoft Finland office promotes "Läsnätyö", that is, flexible work no matter where you are.

• 73% worked outside the office one to three days per week.
• 100% are satisfied with their working environment
• 93% participated in decision making

The Microsoft office works as a laboratory of its own technology that enables a more sustainable way of working, especially in the information sector. It is a showcase modern working environment, and approximately 50,000 people have come to visit the premises.


Other benefits have come from directly integrating Green Office into ways of working at the company. For example, printing has been greatly reduced as nobody has his or her own permanent seat at which to store extra paper. Even the expense reports are going paperless. Technology has also been a great enabler in reducing unnecessary business travel. Each meeting is automatically booked online to enable efficient use of resources. Light sensors are located in all meeting rooms and bathrooms. All of this translates to energy savings. Transparency is promoted through sharing work calendars, documents, and social media tools.

Stella Diesen, the Sustainability Lead Microsoft Finland, says: “With Green Office, we take practical and positive measures to promote sustainability. We include the sustainability aspect in all employee wellbeing efforts. This allows people to give each other energy and live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

- Stella Diesen / Sustainability Lead Microsoft Finland

NB! Microsoft Finland won Microsoft's internal ”Sustainable Sub of the Year Award” award 2014! Read more: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/microsoft-green/archive/2014/06/26/microsoft-s-first-annual-sustainable-subsidiary-of-the-year-award-goes-to-microsoft-finland.aspx