Energy saving & Reminders, Unilever, Pakistan

Energy saving and Reminders- Unilever, Pakistan, WWF's Green Office case example 2013


The Unilever Pakistan Head Office was awarded the Green Office certification in 2010, and continues to make good progress.  Through its structured programme of measuring and monitoring, the office has reduced energy usage and paper consumption.

To reduce energy usage, the central air-conditioning system was optimised, which reduced idle time cooling. In addition, more than 85% of employees shifted to using laptops, which are more energy efficient compared to desktop computers. Halogen lamps were replaced with energy saving bulbs, and an awareness campaign focused on reminders to switch off lights when leaving a room. Through these Green Office measures, the Head Office consumed 24% less energy in 2012 compared to 2011.

In addition, many visual reminders have been placed around the office to promote sustainable habit forming.


- Unilever's Green Team