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Electronic services - TOAS

Reducing paper consumption with electronic services - TOAS, WWF's Green Office example 2013


TOAS (The Tampere Student Housing Foundation) has been using online applications for over ten years now, and nearly all applications for TOAS accommodation are submitted via the Internet (99%). Since 2009, TOAS has been using electronic offers and today about 95% of all offers for accommodation are sent electronically. In 2012, TOAS handled altogether 14,890 applications for accommodation. Electronic termination of tenancy agreements was taken into use in April 2006. While the total amount of termination notices made electronically varies monthly, about 20–40% of all notices made are electronic. In 2012, 4,342 tenancy agreements were terminated electronically.

The use of electronic services has resulted in a decrease in paper consumption. In 2009, TOAS ordered 300 reams of paper, while in 2012, that amount was 200 reams. This means that paper consumption at the office was reduced by approximately 30%. TOAS continuously improves its electronic services and as a result of this, an electronic signature feature will be taken into use in 2014. Thus, TOAS expects an even greater decrease in paper consumption in the future.


- Saara Puonti / Team leader

Green Office Coordinator