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Electricity saving - Toread, China

Reminders about electricity saving measures - Toread (Beijing, China), WWF's Green Office example 2013

The Green Office of Toread in Beijing, China is an open office that designs, develops and markets outdoor products. Its main Green Office targets have been centred on the theme of energy and light, and wellbeing.

At the office, employees would often turn off the wrong switch after turning it on, and grope to try another until they finally get the right one. This was inconvenient and shortened the life span of lighting instruments. It also leads to wasting energy.

Also related to energy consumption, it is common for employees to shuttle between the floors to coordinate work. There are two stairways on every floor of the building, as well as elevators.

These employee habits were researched and assessed. Also the distribution of switch controls and lighting resources was mapped along with where different departments are located.

As an outcome from this research, switches to control the lights have been concentrated into one particular area. When only a few employees are working, they just have to turn on the nearest lights. Each lighting source is able to satisfy lighting needs for six to ten people. Switches are labelled with information showing which specific lighting area it is in charge of. In this way, the employees can reach the right switch at a glance.

To promote daily exercise and saving energy, eye-catching cartoons were put by the elevator doors to remind employees to take the stairs. This way, Toread takes a humorous approach and calls for daily behaviour changes at the office. This measure promotes energy saving and physical fitness, and has received favourable responses from employees.

- Toread's Green Team