Electricity consumption mitigation - Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Metropolia to tame electricity consumption - WWF's Green Office case example 2013

Metropolia became a part of the Green Office environmental programme in 2011. In the first year, the program started on the Bulevardi campus, which has 1,270 students and 190 staff members. From the beginning of the program it was important to reduce energy consumption. The campus used an average of 1,500 MWh of energy per year.

The Green Office team engaged in a lot of co-operation with IT services, and they also invited a representative from the IT services to join the team. Particular attention was paid to the energy saving settings of computers. When updating the computer system, the new centralized workstation power saving and monitoring tool was introduced. The staff were given specific instructions by mail to turn off the computers and monitors. Signs were placed above the switches to guide staff and students to turn off the lights.

Metropolia made a new electricity contract, according to which 68 percent of energy used is produced by renewable sources. At the end of the year, the team noticed that as much as 220 000 kWh of energy was saved in 2011, representing savings of 12 per cent. The other campuses were saving energy as well, because part of the energy saving settings were applied to the entire organization. This inspired the six other campuses’ staff to join the Green Office activities.

- Merja Nurmela / Environmental Coordinator