Ecoidol & motivation - HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Haaga Campus

Ecoidol & motivation - HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences / Haaga Campus, WWF's Green Office example 2013


As from 2005 every academic year one staff member and one student has been honoured with Haaga Ecoteam´s Eco-Idol award at HAAGA-HELIA UAS Haaga Campus. It is worth considering environmental issues even in the smallest everyday actions. By sending an email to Ecoteam staff members can nominate colleagues and students can nominate their fellow students to become an Eco-Idol. The final decision will be made by Ecoteam. During the Christmas lunch arranged by students Eco-Idols will be awarded with a certificate of honour and an ecological gift. This tradition has inspired people to in a way “collect eco-points” in order to become an Eco-Idol of the year!

Photo: Director of the Maintenance Services Mr. Pekka Salovaara was honoured with Haaga Ecoteam´s Eco-Idol award  for the academic year 2012-2013. From the 1st of September 2012 onwards the electricity for Haaga Campus has been so called green electricity, thanks to Pekka´s activity.

A welcome-gift for new employee

Haaga Ecoteam welcomes new HAAGA-HELIA UAS Haaga Campus employees personally. New colleague will receive a practical eco-bag along with a bar of Fair trade chocolate, Haaga Ecoteam´s brochure and history. Ecoteam representative will also advice newcomer about Green Office environmental management system.

Study trip

HAAGA-HELIA UAS Haaga Ecoteam´s study trip in the end of the academic year is about learning environmental systems and practices of other organizations. On top of that Haaga Ecoteam aims to get familiar with new restaurants that serve organic food and wines. In spring 2013 the study trip leaded Ecoteam members to Ratkaisun paikka 2013 fair which was all about corporate responsibility issues. After a tasty lunch in Restaurant Kellohalli near Sörnäinen district it was time to have a tour in Fazer confection factory and hear about their environmental management system.

Logo and motto

”Ecological activity is like a puzzle and you have an important role in this game!
HAAGA-HELIA UAS Haaga Ecoteam´s motto above is inspired by the logo with puzzle pieces. Every single piece is important in order to have the big picture. Similarly all environmental friendly actions, even the smallest ones, are really important so that sustainable development will progress. On the other hand those puzzle pieces represent ecologically acting individuals that together will make a bigger change. 


- Pirtta Holopainen / Executive Assistant

Green Office Coordinator