"Eco person” medal - YTHS

"Weekly Eco person" medal - YTHS, WWF's Green Office example 2013


The Finnish student health service (YTHS) in Otaniemi, Espoo started a new environmental program in January 2013 which we are determined to stick with. The main goal was to develop a better work and study environment based on our ecological values. Working with the Green Office programme has already had a positive effect on our everyday work. We have taken into consideration our recycling habits and possibilities, challenged personnel to decrease electricity consumption and encouraged personnel to be creative and ecological in using alternative means of transportation for work trips. The project has also created a new ecological way of thinking among our work community.

Motivating – “Weekly super-eco person” medal

At our workplace, we have updated our recycling habits. To support our personnel in their commitment to gradually learning these new habits, we created a funny way to gain positive attention. We make handicrafts and as a result we announced a badge of merit for the ecological feat of the week. We started to issue this “medal” in our weekly meetings, and every time a person was acknowledged with the badge he/she was met with great applause and cheering from co-workers. This soon became a weekly event and it also encouraged personnel to consider their ecological choices in daily life outside of the workplace.

- Sari Krappe / Head of Communicatios, Green Office -coordinator