Eco pass training - Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre

Inspiring and systematic Environmental training - Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre, WWF's Green Office example 2013


Environmental values are the core and purpose of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre. Therefore, the Reuse Centre offers inspiring and motivating environmental training, known as Ekopassi, for all its employees including volunteers and trainees.

Environmental training is organised by the environmental experts at the Training Service Tuuma, the Reuse Centre’s own provider of education services. The training includes an introduction to environmental values and impacts, the targets of the Green Office environmental programme as well as environmental practices at the work site. Every participant receives a certificate after having completed the training.

The environmental training consists of four basic training hours on the topics of natural resources, procurement, waste management and energy. In addition, there are seasonal topics, such as food or transport, and the Finnish-language clubs include discussions of environmental issues. The training is developed in accordance with the Green Office environmental programme. Through systematic and inspiring environmental education, environmental work is taken into practice at the grassroots level.

- Kati Hinkkanen / Environmental Expert