Choosing office's indicators - CSC - IT Center for Science | WWF Green Office Best Practices

Choosing office's indicators - CSC - IT Center for Science

Choosing office's indicators - CSC - IT Center for Science, WWF's Green Office example 2011


CSC's office in Espoo is a Green Office since November 2011. CSC chose business flights and office electricity and paper consumption as the indicators to be followed.

CSC has carried out many small activities to reduce its environmental load. For example, two-sided printing is set as the default printer setting, and the water flow setting has been reduced in recess facilities and in shower rooms and washrooms. From 2006 onwards, CSC has gradually replaced desktop computers with portable computers and tube monitors with flat panel displays in order to reduce electricity consumption. CSC has a comprehensive Environmental Guide to help its staff make good environmental choices.

Approximately three percent of CSC’s electricity consumption in Espoo is used in offices and 97 percent in datacentre facilities. In 2012, CSC’s office and datacentre facilities worked using hydroelectric power produced without carbon dioxide emissions. The annual electricity consumption in 2012 in datacentres was 11.54 GWh and in offices 317 MWh.

The results from 2012 in regard to the chosen Green Office indicators are as follows: CSC succeeded in reducing paper consumption (-16% per person during 2010–2012), and the office electricity consumption was nearly unchanged (-2% per person during 2010–2012). However, the number of business flights increased (+6% per person during 2010–2012), due to the construction of Datacenter CSC Kajaani.

- Satu Torikka / CSC Espoo's GO Coordinator

PICTURE: In the picture CSC Espoo office staff are pimping their own mugs.