Activity-Based Office Space - Deloitte

Activity-Based Office Space - Deloitte, WWF's Green Office example 2013


The built environment consumes over 30% of our planet’s energy, and real estate is generally the second biggest cost within an organisation after staff. On top of that, at any given time, as many as 60 % of all office seats are unused due to remote working, travelling, teamwork and collaboration, and increasingly mobile infrastructure. These observations led Deloitte to reconsider its current work environment strategy in order to support its new operating model and decrease its carbon footprint, in addition to creating more functional spaces, adopting best-of-breed technology and making the firm into a more mobile and flexible organisation.

To improve its work environment, Deloitte measured the current use of its office spaces and estimated the cost savings potential. The firm also studied technology adoption, cultural characteristics, enabling and disabling people practices and different business units’ current and desirable workplace behaviors through surveys, interviews, workshops and other data sources. After having a clear idea of the business situation, current bottlenecks in adopting more flexible ways of working and cultural issues playing a role in workplace behaviors, Deloitte set ambitious targets for its spaces and places, technology use, culture and policies. Soon, the firm invested in harmonizing policies and promoting mobile and flexible work, supporting technology use by workshops, and renewing its entire office space capacity to allow for more functional, sustainable and efficient space use.

Since Deloitte learned that approximately 62% of all seats in their offices were free at any given time, the firm made a decision to dramatically cut its real estate costs by reducing as much as 36% of its offices and investing in more sustainable ways of working. The realized benefits include 36% savings in annual real estate costs, a 40% decrease in carbon footprint due to reduced real estate footprint and commuting, and a working culture that is in tune with Deloitte’s new operating model by promoting collaboration across Deloitte’s business units.

- Jenni Männistö / Consultant, Green Office team member